I am sharing my personal recipe that I use for cold brew coffee. I make this about once a week. Its smooth and strong and takes about 10 minutes total prep.


  • (3.5-4) Cups of coarse ground Death Wish Coffee depending on strength

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  • (1) Gallon of filtered water
  • (1) Strainer Bag
  • (1) Burr Grinder (I use an Encore)


(1) Grind the beans on my Encore grinder on the coarsest setting that it has which is 40.

(2) Add grounds into a 1 gallon container.

(3) Add water into a gallon container.

(4) Stir the grounds in the water to fully saturate them.

(5) Let it sit either in the refrigerator or on the counter top for around 20 hours.

(6) Strain with strainer bag and put into airtight container and keep in refrigerator.

It will last around 2-3 weeks.