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Todays Anxiety


Justin Wistinghausen

2021-10-16 1 min read

Today I was working on the other side of the island. My wife wanted me to stop by Wongs in Hanapepe Town to grab pork on the way back. As I was approaching, my Anxiety kicked in and I drove past it. I made it a mile up the road and I turned around. I was thinking that my wife does so much for me and she only wanted me to grab some Crispy Pork from Wongs. I had to overcome that feeling. I sat in my car a minute, I walked in, and I panicked. I was frantically looking at the board trying to find the price of the pork. I couldn't find it anywhere. The worker behind the counter, asked me what I wanted and I said "I mainly just want some of the pork. He said its $21/pound and pointed to where it was on the board. How did I not see it? I said " I'll take a pound".

From that point on, I was able to gain my composure and I ordered a small plate of Lemon chicken with fried rice.

I grabbed an Ube crunch on the way out as well. $45 dollars was the total.

I forced myself to go in , and I was so happy I did. My wife was happy as well, when I came home with the Ube crunch and the crispy pork.

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